June 25, 2018

AIT Cyber Range

The AIT Cyber Range serves as a virtual environment for the flexible simulation of critical digital IT systems with different system components and user structures. It provides a secure and realistic environment for analyzing and testing incidents in different, scalable scenarios without the use of the genuine production systems of stakeholders. Thus, it is possible to test and validate security measures, verify the resilience of different IT architectures as well as to train different security processes in the enterprise, and specific incident response processes for cyber incidents in in realistic application scenarios to support security by design approaches for real world IT deployments and ensure consistent IT operations for highest cyber security resilience. AIT Cyber Range trainings and exercises address the cyber security needs of staff, IT professionals, CERTs/CSIRTs, management and advisory boards in industry, research and government.

AIT’s cyber range …

  • targets on customer specific IT-systems and architectures
  • focuses on today’s threats & today’s ICT systems
  • anticipates tomorrow´s threats and next generation ICT systems
  • provides insights into how novel security technologies and processes can enhance computer security incident response
  • supports the safe and secure design and operation of industrial control systems (ICS)

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