June 25, 2018


Cyber Security Training

The AIT Cyber Range supports effective IT security training by learning and training IT security measures tailored to meet individual needs and requirements (beginners, advanced and experts). The AIT Cyber Range is thus prepared individually for the agreed training scenarios from the cyber security training including technical simulations and hands-on experience for participants. Training includes but is not limited to:

  • Cyber Security awareness training for employees and management
  • Understanding IT and OT technologies and vulnerability management
  • Assessing security threats and attack scenarios
  • Certification of knowledge and processes for IT operations and IT development

Cyber Security Exercises

Based on the requirements of the customer, AIT develops scalable and realistic cyber security scenarios for cyber security exercises. The AIT Cyber Range can be designed and implemented for various applications in various configurations, such as industrial control systems (ICS), digital networks and IT infrastructures. This enables industry and public sectors to work in realistic environments on the design, implementation and validation of new methods, technologies and processes in order to achieve resilience in organizations. The AIT Cyber Range exercises support IT security managers and specialists in remaining effective in the era of modern cyber threats through training and simulation. In addition, through our exercises the processes, internal communication and other means can be verified and tested. Typical exercise requirements are:

  • Analyzing and detecting incidents, incident management
  • Information sharing between stakeholders
  • Testing of contingency and recovery plans
  • Validation of notification reporting according to EU NIS directive or EU GDPR
  • Support for modern risk management (identifying security threats and demonstrating the added value of protection methods)

Research and Development

AIT’s Cyber Range is used for research and development to develop new safety & security technologies in the area of cyber security, incident management and infrastructures (IT and OT). Together with partners from industry and the public sector, cyber security scenarios, tools, processes and infrastructures are developed in interdisciplinary research and development projects. Activities in this context are:

  • Secure system design for critical IT systems
  • Validation of security technologies and system designs
  • Understanding of future threat scenarios and mitigation and recovery options for engineers