November 27, 2023

WINS Training Course on Cyber Security for Nuclear Facilities

(c) AIT / Christian Husar

On 27.11.2023, the World Institute of Nuclear Security (WINS) and the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology conducted the fourth in a series of 5-day training courses designed to build awareness and organization capacity for defending against cyber-attacks at nuclear facilities. This particular courses was customized for participants from the UK Civil Nuclear Sector.

Training in a state-of-the-art IT simulation environment

The AIT Cyber Range is used to realistically simulate IT infrastructures and communication processes, so that participants can learn how to detect and defend against a variety of different forms of attack. They can practice coping with cyber attacks and extreme situations even in highly critical infrastructures, something that would not be possible in the real world due to security or cost reasons. As a result, structures and processes can be analysed and sources of error identified, so that the interaction between consequences and actions as well as reactions can be understood both safely and transparently.


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