AIT Cyber Range
Offering and Services

Training Courses

The AIT can provide a range of cyber security training courses on a range of topics, from Security Operations Centers (SOCs) to Industrial Control System (ICS) security. These courses can be executed in our state-of-the-art training facilities in Vienna or be provided remotely. Many courses include hands-on exercises, using our cyber range facility, providing practical learning experiences on representative systems. In addition to our existing catalogue of courses, we can support the development of new training courses, to suit your specific needs, and help you define course curricula.

Cyber Security Exercises

Building on several years of experience, we can provide cyber security exercises that are tailored to fit your needs. Exercises can take many forms and have a variety of goals, from table-top exercises to technical exercises. We have experience in developing exercises from large national events through to custom exercises that are designed to support the evaluation of specific organizational processes. When providing exercises, we have tried and tested processes that take us from requirements gathering to post-exercise evaluation and recommendations. Because of our research background, we have knowledge of a variety of critical infrastructures, the global threat landscape, compliance requirements and cyber security technologies, which we can bring to the development of our exercises.

Consultancy and Knowledge Transfer

The cyber security programme at AIT consists of more than thirty experts with knowledge on a wide range of topics, including security monitoring and intrusion detection, risk management and governance, penetration testing, next-generation cryptography, and industrial control systems security, to mention a few. This knowledge can be called on to support your needs. Moreover, many organizations are considering establishing a cyber range; we can provide knowledge transfer services on this topic, building on our experiences of establishing and operating a cyber range, and an understanding of the international landscape.

Cyber Range Software Licensing

To address our own needs for providing cyber security exercises and training, we have developed several software tools. This includes the Game Maker, which can be used to specify and orchestrate cyber security exercises. These tools fill a gap that we could not readily fill using existing open-source or commercial solutions. If you have similar requirements to us, licensing our tools could be an approach to addressing your needs. We would be happy to discuss licensing arrangements.