AIT's Cyber Range is a virtual environment that supports cyber security training, cyber security exercises, testing of contingency plans or incident response processes to enhance the resilience and increase cyber security capabilities of organizations.


Cyber security training for increasing cyber security capabilities of staff (from general staff to managers) in organizations.

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Hands-on experience on incident management and response for staff, CERTs/CSIRTs in a simulated virtual environment.

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Cyber security research on infrastructures and scenarios that are needed to maintain resilience of organizations.

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Secure development of software related to incident management and cyber security.

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Cyber Security. Innovation. Experience.

AIT’s Cyber Range is a virtual environment for flexible simulation of critical IT and OT systems with complex networks, different system components and users. It provides a secure and realistic environment for analyzing and testing incidents in various scalable scenarios without using real production systems. This allows different security processes to be rehearsed for live operation and special incident response processes for cyber incidents to be tested in order to meet the highest security requirements for system architectures and operating processes. The AIT Cyber Range training courses and exercises address the cyber security needs of staff, IT professionals, CERTs/CSIRTs, management and advisory boards in industry, research and government.

  • Hands-on training and exercises to increase resilience and capabilities

  • Expertise and experience in the newest threats and technologies in ICT and ICS

  • Specifically tailored threat scenarios to make the test situations as realistic as possible

  • Experience incident management in a safe environment

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